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Exploring 4-H

Achievement Days are just around the corner!

Achery Project

Archery Project

Age 9-21

Project Information Page

The P.I.P. will tell you everything you need to know about this project: and how to successfully complete the 4-H year.

A sport where members get together and shoot at targets and silhouettes, while having a great time! Through this project, learn about safety precautions, techniques and equipment.

Project Completion requirements include a foot stool and two items of choice.

Project Completion Requirements: Documents to print

In order to participate in summer exhibitions and receive credit for completing this project members must have the following documents completed and displayed in their Member Portfolio at their Club's Achievement Day event:

  1. Print and fill out one copy of the following: Portfolio Documentation

  2. Print and fill out this page for the this project: Project Page Documentation 

Project Resources

Resources that should be reviewed by members with their leader or individually. Other resources will be added as they become available:

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