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Cloverbud Project

Cloverbud Project

Age 9-21

Project Information Page

The P.I.P. will tell you everything you need to know about this project: and how to successfully complete the 4-H year.

This is an opportunity for the youngest 4-H members to explore the world of 4-H with a focus on fun activities. Project meetings will focus around skill builders which could include various things, such as, What is 4-H?, large or small animals, agriculture, science, arts & crafts, engineering and more! The intent of this project is to introduce six to eight years old to the 4-H program and for their family, as a whole, to develop an understanding of the program and all that it has to offer!



1. Not all 4-H Clubs accept Cloverbud members, please check with a 4-H Specialist.

2. A Cloverbud must register as a regular 4-H member however, due to their young age, and taking risk

management best practices into consideration, they will not be entitled to all the rights of a regular 4-H member. Cloverbuds will not compete in district or provincial competitions; however, they are permitted to participate in district and provincial events and programs at the discretion of the district and provincial Councils. Cloverbuds cannot participate in any project involving animals of any kind other than activities which fall under the Cloverbud Project (see official Cloverbud Policy for more details). Cloverbuds should be encouraged to participate in the traditional elements of the 4-H year: Communications, Community Service and Agriculture Awareness.

3. It is not mandatory for a Cloverbud to complete a Communications project, but they are strongly

encouraged to attend the Club event, along with the Agriculture Awareness Activity and the Community Service Activity.

Project Completion Requirements: Documents to print

Cloverbuds are not required to complete the same documentation that junior, intermediate and senior members must do in order to receive credit for completing a project and to participate in summer exhibitions (project display only; Cloverbud members are not permitted to show in regular 4-H animal classes) . If a Cloverbud member or their project leader wishes to complete the documentation to display in their Member Portfolio at their Club's Achievement Day event this is what would be required: 

  1. Print and fill out one copy of the following: Portfolio Documentation

  2. Print and fill out this page for the this project: Project Page Documentation 

Project Resources

Resources that should be reviewed by members with their leader or individually. Other resources will be added as they become available:

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