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Food & You I
Cookies in a jar.jpg

Foods & You I Project

Age 9-21

Project Information Page

The P.I.P. will tell you everything you need to know about this project: and how to successfully complete the 4-H year.

This project series will give members an opportunity to learn everything from food safety and preparation tips, kitchen equipment, to proper meal etiquette and menu planning! Explore metric versus imperial measurements, along with the best way to cook and measure different food ingredients. Canada’s Food Guide will be visited in each topic, teaching members how to make healthy food choices. Members will have a well rounded recipe box by the time they complete the Food & You series!

Food & You I features yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Cookies in a Jar and learning about etiquette!

Project Completion Requirements: Documents to print

In order to participate in summer exhibitions and receive credit for completing this project members must have the following documents completed and displayed in their Member Portfolio at their Club's Achievement Day event:

  1. Print and fill out one copy of the following: Portfolio Documentation

  2. Print and fill out this page for the this project: Project Page Documentation 

Project Resources

Resources that should be reviewed by members with their leader or individually. Other resources will be added as they become available:

If you have access to newer resources with updated information, please send them along to so we can let others know!

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