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Great Beginnings Ages 9-21

Exploring 4-H

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This project provides an ideal chance for beginners to explore the world of sewing. Members will be introduced to the basics, learn how to operate a sewing machine, select, read and cut patterns, as well as select suitable materials for their chosen item.

Members can choose one of three items as their completed article

  • Pajama Pants or Shorts

  • Tote Bag

  • Apron

(patterns are available at the 4-H Office - Please reach out to your 4-H Specialist)


To achieve completion with this project and to take part in summer exhibitions, members must have all project requirements (listed on the PIP) and supporting documents  completed and showcased in the Member Binder for their Club's Achievement Day

You will need...

(Project & Year-End Completion Requirements)

(Member Portfolio & Project Page)

Additional Resources...

Additional Project Resources are provided as reference materials for volunteer leaders. These resources can be utilized when organizing project workshops and sessions for your members. However, remember to tap into your own creativity to help 4-H'ers learn to do by doing and develop the desired skills of the project. If not listed above OR if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your 4-H Specialist for assistance.

  • Leader Resource (hard copy available at the 4-H Office)

  • Patterns (available at the 4-H Office)

4-H PEI Publications: Terms of Use

All written resources are owned by 4-H PEI.

With requested & authorized consent for use of 4-H PEI resources, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Materials are to be used for personal use only

  • Duplication and distribution of written materials for commercial use is strictly prohibited

  • 4-H PEI and all other contributors recognized in the original resource must be acknowledged as the content creators within the document.

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