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Image by Svetlana Svetlana

Cavy Project

The Cavy Project provides an opportunity for members to learn about 4-H livestock projects, while practicing with a smaller animal. Working with cavies, a popular pet, can enhance members' animal care skills. This project caters to both new owners and seasoned enthusiasts, offering learning opportunities in showing, grooming, assessing, and nurturing cavies, as well as exploring into cavy industry-related subjects.

For project completion, you will need...

Project Information Page (PIP) 

(Project & Year-End Completion Requirements)

Member Record Sheets 

(Member Portfolio & Project Page)

Cavy Activity Sheet / Quiz

(Print and complete this page)

The Creed of the Animal Caretaker 

(Print and sign this document)

​​4-H Judging Overview 

(Project leader will assist with this)  

Additional Resources


To be eligible to participate in 4-H Classes at PEI Fairs & Exhibition, members must complete ALL project requirements and supporting documents as listed on the PIP. This information must be displayed in the Member Binder at the Club's Achievement Day.

Additional Resources...

Additional Project Resources are provided as reference materials for members & volunteer leaders. These resources can be utilized when organizing project workshops and sessions and although NOT required for completion, will provide valuable reference material. Remember to tap into your own creativity to learn to do by doing and develop the desired skills of the project.

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