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Provincial Projects

Provincial Projects are offered at different times throughout the 4-H year, providing an excellent opportunity for members to experience new or different skill-based project that may not be offered in ones own 4-H Club or Region.


Members will need to register for the Provincial Project(s) in which they would like to participate via Provincial Project Registration forms. The forms will be available for each project (below) along with project details as information becomes available. (Click on the pictures below for Project Info & Registration Forms)


A registration fee of $15 will be due at the time your form is submitted. E-transfers will be accepted at and members will only be considered registered when monies are received by the 4-H office.


Projects will be available to registered 4-H members in all three regions (age restrictions may apply) and facilitated by the 4-H Program Coordinator, Volunteer Leaders and project resource individuals from the community. All questions regarding Provincial Projects can be directed to 4-H Program Coordinator - Lori Kirkpatrick 

2023-24 Provincial Projects 

  • Click on the pictures below for registration details on upcoming Provincial Projects
  • Click HERE for information on Completed Provincial Projects

Completed Provincial Projects

Completed Provincial Projects
  • Achievement Day & Exhibition Requirements for Completed Provincial Projects can be found below.
  • Please click on the Project Picture for more information!
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