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Member Record Sheets
Members must include completed Portfolio Sheets & Project Pages (1 per project) for Year-End Completion

Project Categories

  • All 4-H PEI Projects have a Project Information Page (or PIP) which lists the requirements for Year-End Completion.

  • Some projects (mainly livestock) will also have additional documentation & requirements for members to complete.

  • To achieve completion with a 4-H project (or projects) AND to be eligible to participate in 4-H Classes at Fairs & Exhibitions, members must have ALL project requirements (listed on the PIP) and supporting documents (above) completed and showcased in Member Binder for their Club's Achievement Day


Click on the categories below to find your project information

4-H PEI Publications: Terms of Use

All written resources are owned by 4-H PEI.

With requested & authorized consent for use of 4-H PEI resources, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Materials are to be used for personal use only

  • Duplication and distribution of written materials for commercial use is strictly prohibited

  • 4-H PEI and all other contributors recognized in the original resource must be acknowledged as the content creators within the document.

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